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Team Innovative Endurance

Team IE : Elite

Team IE's elites are seeking to race at the top of the national and international stages. While the Team's elite's benefit from IE coaching's world class knowledge and experience, they also bring experience, knowledge, and inspiration to one another and to the other athletes of IE. Get to know each of IE's elites below:


Michael Arishita

Instagram: @swimmikerun

Twitter: @swimmikerun

Fun Fact: Michael's secret to success? Eat at least one frozen pizza every day!

Race Highlights:

2018 ITU CAMTRI Sprint - Bridgetown, Barbados - 4th 

2016 Tritonman Triathlon Classic (Elite Draft Legal Race) - 1st amateur

2015 Trifecta Triathlon - 1st

Journey to Triathlon: After trying many sports growing up, Michael found his niche in cross country and track in high school. He swam outside of running and later added cycling during his "off season." Michael started racing triathlons when he started college at Texas A&M. He quickly fell in love with the A&M Triathlon Team and the sport. He just competed in his first pro race in the 2016 Clermont CAMTRI Cup and is excited to build his career from here!

Roeder head shot

Sean Daugherty

Instagram: @skdaugherty

Fun FactSean was once able to recite the number pi out to 120 places!

Race Highlights:

2017 Ironman 70.3 Raleigh - 10th

2015 Clermont Draft Legal Challenge EDR - 5th

2015 Rev3 RUSH Super Sprint - 2nd

Journey to Triathlon: 

Sean started triathlon after being plagued with injuries as a runner doing 80-100-mile weeks. After his parents hosted a few ITU triathletes at their home in 2014, Sean thought it looked like good fun and decided to give it a go. Now, these same triathletes have become great friends as he steps up to race on the pro circuit and the sport has quickly become his passion in life!



Fun Fact: Derek is a HUGE Disneyland & Disney World fanatic!

Race Highlights:

Derek has been injured the last few years but, in his words, "looked good doing it!" He's back in action in 2016 -- stay tuned for some exciting performances from him.

Journey to Triathlon: 

Derek swam, biked and ran throughout his childhood, although he did each one independently. Once he heard about triathlon, decided to give it a try -- who knew he could do all three of his favorite sports together?! The rest is history: Derek loves the sport and pushing his boundaries day-in and day-out.

Eli Pugh_Bike Photo 1.JPG

ELI pugh

Instagram: @eli.pugh

VSCO: elipughtri

Fun Fact: Eli eats chicken fettuccine alfredo twice a day from the Stanford dining halls.

Race Highlights:

2017 CAMTRI Junior North and South American Championships - Magog, Quebec - 7th

2017 CAMTRI Junior North American Championships - Sarasota, Fl - 4th

2017 USAT Collegiate Nationals - Tuscaloosa, Al - 7th


Eli is a Sophomore at Stanford University (nerd) studying Computer Science and Mathematics. 2018 will be his second season as a Professional Triathlete, and he's looking forward to getting on some 'brodiums' with teammate Michael Arishita.

Journey to Triathlon

Eli ran Cross Country, Track and Swam for Rochester High School (Indiana), and competed in the local Manitou Monster Triathlon each summer growing up. When he decided to go to Stanford, he switched to triathlon and began competing on their collegiate team. His stud cyclist brother Ean helped him learn to ride a bike to complete the trifecta.