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Team Innovative Endurance

Meet Team IE's Head Coach


Greg Mueller

After a brief high school running career, Greg discovered cycling in college, where he began training to compete in Indiana University's Little 500, where he came o-so-close to the win with a 2nd place in the now famous annual race. Greg's passion for the sport continued after college. He achieving the level of USAC Cat. 1 racing on both the road and track, and his successes included a 14th place finish in the Points Race at the 2000 US Olympic Track Cycling Trials. 

By 2002 Greg was looking for new challenges and turned to triathlon. His fitness and training from cycling allowing him to turn Professional within one short year. In 2010, Greg placed 10th overall at the Best of the U.S. National Championships, and 3rd in his age group at the USAT Nationals.

Always interested in how to be a better athlete, he is always tenaciously exploring new ways to train smarter. Greg's experimentation with many training and recovery plans often represents cutting-edge thinking that later becomes "standard practice." Coupling that knowledge (gained and reinforced by his own experiences) with his formal coaching education, Greg has developed a deep understanding of human physiology and why and how the human body does what it does, and more specifically .... what it can do! Greg applied his passion and knowledge of training as a coach beginning in 2001. He continues to work diligently to provide the balance, insight, motivation and support that has helped many athletes, pro's and age-groupers alike, to find success. 


  • Level 3 USAT Triathlon Coach
  • Level 2 International Triathlon Union Competitive Coach
  • Level 1 USATF Running Coach
  • Level 3 USA Cycling Coach
  • USAT Youth & Junior Certified Coach


Starting at $300 per month. Contact Greg for more info.