Team IE

Team Innovative Endurance

All athletes have one thing in common: they want to improve and achieve the results that matter most to them. Team IE is committed to developing beginner, age-group, and elite triathletes into the best athletes they can be and to achieving these goals.

While the team is physically based out of South Bend, IN it exists in the hearts of athletes all over the World. It's a feel and a shared passion, an energy that embodies commitment and integrity first. 

Our Story

Founded in 2001 by Coach Greg Mueller, Team IE is committed to developing athletes at every level of the sport. We define these levels as:

...benefit the most, by tapping into a vital base of experience and support, that allows them to bypass the failed training, racing and diet experiments that many self-directed athletes endure.

Age-group athletes...
...that are pressed for time by family and work commitments, or who's fitness and results have simply plateau'd, will benefit from the collaboration with our coaches. Our frank evaluation, focused training methods, and specific knowledge will help you improve.

...looking to attain a podium on the national or international stage, benefit not only from IE coaching's knowledge and experience at the national and world class level, but from the experience, knowledge, and friendship of our other elite/professional athletes.


Members of Team IE have access to:

  • Triathlon, Running, + Cycling training plans
  • Individual consultation at an hourly rate
  • Specific nutrition planning
  • Bike fitting services
  • Running gait analysis
  • Swimming stroke analysis

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